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Our Values


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The Pan-Pacific Group (PPG) is a Beijing-based management consulting and equity investment company with offices in Hong Kong and the United States. Over the past decade, PPG served Fortune Global 500 companies in strategy, operations, post-merger integrations, etc.

In more recent years, PPG has catapulted financial and investment advisory services in China, participated actively in venture capital investment and private-equity deals. The Group founders and partners, with expertise in consulting, investment banking, and senior management experience in multinational firms, are graduates from Harvard, Stanford, MIT, and Wharton business schools.



Key Clients

Since year 2002, we have helped more than 150 multinational and Chinese companies in market-entry strategies, service management, international partnership establishment, M&A opportunities research and due diligence , M&A financing structure design, etc. in electronic information, machinery manufacturing, financial services, oil and mining industries, fast-moving consumer goods, supply chain management, and telecommunication/internet companies.




Our primary mission is to help our clients achieve substantial and enduring impact by tackling their biggest issues concerning Corporate Strategy (including corporate portfolio review, value migration assessment, corporate eco-system strategy, corporate value-creation system, centralized service functions), Business Strategy (including competitive landscape scan, growth & profit sources, business model innovation, strategic control mechanism), M&A Strategy (including strategic analysis of M&A needs, horizontal & vertical synergistic analysis, value mappings of potential targets, operations due diligence, valuation models), and Post-Merger Integration (including operations decomposition, IT infrastructure, accounting & financial reporting, human capitals, graceful periods & milestones, key measures for integration execution).

In addition to providing strategic advice, we work closely with clients to initiate efforts that will build higher performance, meet Global 500 Company Benchmark (including strategy of scalability, repeatability & sustainability, financial reporting standards, financial performance benchmark, business processes benchmark), and promote Global 500 Corporate Branding (including corporate image positioning, brand equity value - depth & width, media strategy, consistence with investor relations).

“Competitive advantage, like water, is amorphous.”—Art of War by Sun Tzu




“ A CFO essentially does two things all day long with one constraint: Make good investment decisions, make good financing decisions, and ensure the firm does not run out of cash in between.” (Paul Asquith of MIT) ”

Venture Capital Fund

Our VC investment specializes in New Materials, Advanced Manufacturing, Big Data & AI, Fine Chemicals, Environmental Protection & New Energy, and Life Sciences etc.

We look for entrepreneurial teams and early stage companies who have established technical barriers, gained footprints in market segments, and have the propensity for achieving market leadership with our input of capital as well as industry resources.

We invest in world class scientists and entrepreneurs who are determined to bring their innovations into real world applications in demand.


SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) has been
deployed for stand-alone project investment,
including domestic and overseas equity
or debt financing opportunities.


Our PE fund investment serves to help companies to restructure, divestiture, merge and turn around;

We help clients to acquire companies along the value chain using significant amount of debt to meet the cost of the acquisition, while maintaining the control of the combined the entity. Activities include due diligence, target company debt capacity valuation, equity financing, debt financing, strip arrangement, and deal structuring etc.

Through M&A/LBO, our clients acquire talents, market share and critical strategic resources to move to a higher level of business landscape.

Portfolio Companies


CEO Summit

FORTUNE China CEO Summit is a high-end summit held by FORTUNE China especially for leaders from global 500 companies, CEOs from multinational companies and the most influential business leaders. It has been successfully held six times. For its high-quality standard, FORTUNE China CEO Summit has become an important insight exchange platform for the global 500 elites.

The summit gathers 300 well-known entrepreneurs and world-class scholars to share their views on economy and business, globalization, new models and opportunities of transformation and upgrading.


Beijing Office

Room 907, Tower 2, China Central Place,
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Xiamen Office

Room 2501, Xiamen International Financial Center,
No.82 Zhanhong Road, Siming District, Xiamen,
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HongKong Office

Address: Room 4004-4006,
40F/L, Cosco Tower, 183 Queen's Road Central,
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